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November 18, 2015

If you know anything about clutch, you should know that we love all things local! Personally, when I (Jennifer) have the opportunity to choose local, I most certainly do – that includes shopping, eating, grabbing coffe and so much more. I truly enjoy supporting friends and neighbors as they build their businesses in our community. I want to encourage you to do the same this holiday season! Take a peek at our gift suggestions, and be sure to join us for our online party happening on December 9th, where you have the opportunity to WIN some fabulous local prizes. Woo hoo! Thank you to the lovely Liz Cook Photography for taking these images for our winter issue.

Shop Local With Clutch 1

Fink’s Jewelers offers Alex & Ani bracelets, which are both reasonable and beautiful for the ladies in your life – truly perfect for your sister-in-law, best friend or daughter.

Shop Local With Clutch 2

Isn’t this fun? A Grinch snowglobe from Accents makes a fun addition to anyone’e holiday decor – especially if they have a sense of humor!

Shop Local With Clutch 3

Want to offer something of a sampler to a lady who loves testing out new things or travels a bunch? This Library of Flowers kit from Gladiola Girls is perfect!

Shop Local With Clutch 7

Have a little girl or baby in your life? Aren’t these gnome dolls from Joy Leanne adorable? Each one is handmade and unique!

Shop Local With Clutch 6

We all adore shoes, right? These cute, comfy OTBT shoes from musthaveSHOES are neutral, lovely and oh such a great gift!

Shop Local With Clutch 8

For the little creative girl, how about this paint set complete with bowls to paint from The Art Box? Provide hours of fun and a keepsake to boot!

Shop Local With Clutch 4

Fill a friend’s (or teacher’s!) home with the lovely scents of the season with an East Coast Candle Company candle from Pastiche at Main.

Shop Local With Clutch 9

Speaking of candles, if fire isn’t your thing, then go for this flameless candle from Accents – complete with holiday decor. Perfect!

Shop Local With Clutch 5

And then there are our other favorite places to shop! Think about these ideas:

a lovely pair of earrings from Bowen Jewelry Company

a gift certificate from Bean Tree Cafe

a valued treasure from Estates Revisited

a lamp, rug or side table from Grand Home Furnishings

a savory sampling from The Press Oil & Vinegar

No matter who you have on your gift list this year, PLEASE try and shop locally. Great areas to try are downtown in Lynchburg, Roanoke and Bedford (all have fun shopping areas!), Boonsboro in Lynchburg, Forest, Grandin in Roanoke, Main Street in Salem, plus many more areas. Support local businesses with your holiday budget. Have fun shopping!

Instagram Fashion

October 23, 2015

One of the reasons I’m always excited for fall is fashion. With new seasons come new trends, and some of the biggest trends of the year happen in the fall. Plus, it’s fun to be inspired by Instagram fashion.

While I love to shop, I love to save as well, so before I totally rework my closet, I try to get inspiration from all sorts of outlets: blogs, magazines, newsletters, and (my favorite) Instagram. This fun, cool, social media tool lets me stalk some very fashionable people (some celebs, some just like you and me). Instagram provides me with a first look at new trends and how they’re incorporated into everyday wear.

If you haven’t been sucked into the Instagram craze, you’re missing out. Instagram is a popular social network app used by millions around the globe to instantly share photos and videos. Many have taken Instagram to another level, using it to brand and market themselves. Others simply love to share their lives (and their outfits).

So, for the trendsetting readers who love fashion, here are a couple of accounts I follow for style inspiration.

Alyssa Neilson Instagram

@alyssaneilson: Alyssa Neilson is a sporty, chic chick. She’s a New Yorker who works in the marketing business. She loves sports, details (sneakers, watches, jerseys, jackets), and has an eye for vintage finds. If you’re anything like me – and by that I mean a lover of incorporating sporty wear into your look – Alyssa is the girl to keep an eye on.


Hannah CrossKey Instagram

@hannahcrosskey: Hannah Cox is a total fashionista. Her Insta-feed will have you wishing you could get your hands on all of her looks, which actually isn’t a problem. Hannah shares and tags where each detail of her look is from, and most accessories are super affordable, coming from H&M, Zara, Asos, and several online boutiques.


Target Does it Again Instagram

@targetdoesitagain: Ok, first of all, who doesn’t love Target? That store gets my bank account into trouble every single shopping trip. This account specifically posts the newest additions to the racks and shelves at Target. I mean, the girls behind this account actually post pictures from inside of the fitting room with all of the details (prices, sizes, etc.) conveniently laid out for you. How genius is that?


Mira Duma Instagram

@miraduma: Miroslava Duma previously worked at Harper’s Bazaar Russia. She’s a freelance writer, style icon, and my favorite girl in the fashion world. Mira posts from all the fashion hot spots, like front row at Chanel runway shows and behind-the-scenes at Stella McCartney shoots. This busy girl loves to share her world travels, where you get to peep all of the eclectic outfits she puts together.


Monica Rose Instagram

@monicarosestyle: Stylist, designer, and mother of two, Monica Rose is THAT girl. She styles some of the hottest stars (Kendall Jenner being her main focus at the moment) and posts their fab looks. You’ll also get to see her adorable kids, #AlaiaRose and #SalvadorLukas, who are mini fashionistas themselves (perfect for keeping your kids on trend as well).


Anna Maria Instagram

@xammasi: I’m not too sure what Anna Maria does, but she looks perfect doing it. Everything screams perfection about this beauty – from her glam makeup, to her hair, to her wardrobe. Anna Maria is so classic and simple, yet super trendy. Her choice of colors in her closet are easy to follow: lots of safe colors like nude, white, black, and olive green. While this might seem boring, this color palette is reusable, easy to style, and perfect for every season.


Inspovoguee Instagram

@inspovoguee: This is one of those accounts that posts the latest trends from various sources. Yes, there are hundreds of these types of accounts, but Inspovoguee shares looks from all around the world, giving insight into the closets of some trendy, yet low-key women. Every caption gives credit to all the pictures they use, making it easy for you to follow other inspirational trendsetters.


Now, grab your phone, get on Instagram (download it if you haven’t already) and search for your style inspirations for this season and the next to come. Trust me – this will keep you on top of the fashion food chain, and could help you save a couple of bucks along the way. Don’t know where to start? Just look for hashtags like #style, #fashion, and #ootd (outfit of the day) to start searching.

~ Tea

Are you a local fashionista? Be featured by clutch! In our next Snap Happy we will be featuring LOCAL fashionable women. Just use our new hashtag #clutchinspires to get our attention! While you’re on there, be sure to follow us @theclutchguide


Get Away in Style

October 14, 2015
Deidre Stone 1
My favorite time of year is here again! I love pretty much everything about fall, and I look forward to it year round. My husband and I love to get away in the fall and retreat to a cabin in the mountains. Not much is better than cozying up with a cup of hot tea or cocoa with the people I love, my pup, Fiver, and a beautiful mountain setting.
Fall is the perfect time for layering since the days may be warm, but the nights can get a bit chilly. My favorite layering combo is a pair of jeans, a cami, a loose-fitting long sleeve top,  a sweater or light jacket, and a poncho to top it all off. Don’t forget a cute hat and a great pair of boots. This way you stay nice and warm, but if you get too hot, just strip away a layer. When layering, always make sure each layer looks like a complete outfit. Start building your look from the base and you’ll be golden!
Don’t forget to pack some comfy, warm pajamas or your favorite sweatshirt and slippers. Some cabins and getaways can be drafty at night, so make sure you bring lots to keep you warm.
A mountain getaway wouldn’t be complete without wonderful tunes filling the air. My mountain getaway favorites include:
  1. “Fleet Foxes” by Fleet Foxes
  2. “Cease to Begin” by Band of Horses
  3. “July” by Marissa Nadler
  4. “American IV: The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash
  5. “Now That I’ve Found You” by Alison Krauss
  6. “Black Bear” by Andrew Belle
  7. “I Never Learn” by Lykke Li
  8. “Rituals” by Other Lives
  9. “Illinois” by Sufjan Stevens
  10. “Life of Leisure” by Washed Out
One of the best parts about getting away is experiencing local culture wherever you go, and the Internet is a wonderful resource for information about your travel destination. I always research online before we head out of town to see where the locals go. We normally just like to stay in on getaways, but it’s wonderful to see if there are restaurants we should experience, shops to peruse, hiking trails to explore, or anything else that we’d be sad if we missed.A great way to find out what to do in an area is to check out hashtags on Instagram. Search the name of the area you’re visiting, and should find local accounts loaded with the information you will need.

If Instagram isn’t your thing, just go and explore! The adventure is all part of the allure, in my opinion. Step out of the routine and go on a new escapade. You’re sure to make wonderful memories. So pack your bags in style and head out for a weekend to enjoy time with your loved ones!

Looking for a place to get away? We live in a gorgeous area, so luckily we don’t have to go far to find a beautiful place to get away without having to travel too far. Airbnb (download the app or head to is an amazing source for finding local getaways for great prices with unique charm.
~ Deidre
Deidre Stone 5 Deidre Stone 4 Deidre Stone 2 Deidre Stone 3 Deidre Stone 6 Deidre Stone 7

Healthy Families at HumanKind

August 27, 2015

When Ashley Graham says that she works for ‘HumanKind,’ it’s not just the name of her company that she’s referring to (formerly Presbyterian Homes and Family Services and the Family Alliance) – it truly is the mission of the organization. Ashley is the director of the Healthy Families Program, which is part of a national network of home visiting programs that work with area families beginning in pregnancy and continue services through the child’s fifth birthday.

HumanKind 1

The goal of the program is to cultivate nurturing parent-child interactions and to empower parents to be their children’s first teachers. Families are also linked with resources in the community to encourage a strong family bond, strengthen overall family functioning and help parents to meet their goals. Healthy Families is a free service open to all expecting parents, and the program has staff available who specialize in working with fathers, breastfeeding mothers, teen parents, and Spanish-speaking families.

HumanKind 2

Ashley says, “I am passionate about this program because every parent struggles – we worry about whether we’re doing things right, whether our children are growing and developing well, and whether we will be able to meet all of their needs. It takes a village to raise a child, and Healthy Families provides that village by being a consistent support system and connecting families with the information and resources they need to feel confident as parents.”


For more information, you can call 434-384-3131, visit their website, or email them at

~ Alisha Meador, photos provided by HumanKind