Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show

November 10, 2015

If you live in or around Lynchburg, you are probably fully aware of all of the fabulousness that went on Saturday in downtown. Offering holiday vibes, music, food trucks, handmade items and vintage things all while creating a sense of community and supporting a cause, Vintage Lynchburg has fast grown to be one of the area’s favorite events. As soon as one event closes, people are already raving about attending the next one. So wonderful!

For their Holiday Sale on Saturday, we were able to put on a vintage fashion show featuring fashions by it’s FOUND vintage. There were a lot of pieces to choose from, but each model (read local, willing, sweet, lovely ladies) picked out a look that was quintessentially “her”. It was amazing to have a variety of looks for several ages. Perfect! Many thanks to Julie Witcher for doing makeup using Mary Kay and Aubrey Prince for pitching in with some cute hairstyles.

Jaclyn modeled for us in our spring show at Vintage Lynchburg, and she picked out this absolutely adorable, warm, comfy jumper that tied at the sides. It fit her to a “t”, and Jaclyn paired it with a vintage leather handbag and her own white shirt. So great! Also, notice the long line of people below just waiting to get in to the event. Hair by Jaclyn and makeup touchup by Julie.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 1

Quiela (pronounced Kay-la) rocked out a 1960’s style dress complete with it’s own rhinestone embellishment. It’s flattering as it cinches her tiny waist with a belt, and the pattern at the bottom is so fun! The natural keyhole at the neckline adds an element of surprise and interest. Hair and makeup by Quiela.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 2

Brianna has such lovely skin, and her choice was perfect for a holiday night out. Metallic elements are woven throughout the dress, and isn’t the neckline interesting with it’s cutout and rhinestone accents? So perfect, and Brianna did her own hair and makeup for the event.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 3

So, this is a dress that has been hanging in my personal closet for a while. Ashamedly, I’ve been afraid to wear it… until now (or maybe I should just gift it to model Emily because she wears it so well… ha!). It’s very Mad Men-esque and just as cute as can be with the pattern and fun fringe (have you seen how trendy fringe is?). Hair by Aubrey and makeup by Julie.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 4

Nicole coaches cheerleading and brought one of her cheer girls, Trinity along. Both as cute as can be, Nicole wore a late 1960’s/early 1970’s patterned dress while Trinity sported a ladies’ sweater as an oversized dress with leggings. Adorable! Both ladies took care of their own looks while Trinity received a tiny makeup touchup from Julie.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 5

Hailea’s dress fit perfectly. Truly! A 1950’s lace sheath dress is so perfect for many holiday occasions – especially when a pop of red is added with a purse. Hair by Aubrey and makeup by Julie. Hailea’s daughter, Korie, also modeled an oversized sweater (you can see her in the group photo!).

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 6

And now for some fun, runway looks for all ages! The girls had a great time modeling down the runway for the engaging crowd.

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 7

And, lastly a fun group shot of the lovely ladies. They were a true joy to meet and get to know. It was a great show with fashions from the 1950s through the 1980s for all sorts of occasions. Thanks to everyone involved in putting on a fabulous show!

Vintage Lynchburg Fashion Show by Clutch 8

Bliss & Makeup – Meridith

April 7, 2015

Our Bliss & Makeup makeovers are always so fun to see! This time, we had one of our guest writers (a busy mother of three!) made over by Emily of Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon and photographed by Crystal George Studios. So fun! Here are Meridith’s own words about her experience. 

I’ve always considered hair and makeup secondary to my day: if they happen, great. But more often than not, with three kids to get out the door in the morning, I’ve gone to work with damp hair and maybe lipgloss, if it’s in my purse.

Before Makeover Photo by Crystal George Studios

After one attempt to dye my grey hair that started showing up in my late twenties, I let it become my “bling.” It’s not that I don’t want to wear makeup or have more youthful hair, but I tend to not take the time — but most of all, I don’t think that I’m worth it. Which is a loaded statement, sure, and one that’s mostly full of crap.

Bliss and Makeup - Crystal George Studios

I’ve started to realize lately how many rules I created for myself: I didn’t buy dark–framed glasses because I was convinced they didn’t look good on me. I don’t wear orange, or shades of yellow. I shouldn’t wear skinny jeans because of my hourglass figure. Perhaps it’s the newfound confidence of my thirties, but I’m letting those rules go out the window. I brought home an orange shirt only to find it’s my husband’s new favorite color on me; my bright yellow sundress is also a wardrobe regular. I have skinny jeans and dark glasses, and love them both.

After Bodyworks Makeover by Crystal George Studios

And, I took part in this clutch makeover, giving Emily free reign (but only after also giving her a description of my high school hair cut that I still feel self–conscious about). She gave me this sassy bob and a temporary shade of cherry cola warm red, and I was thrilled! I hadn’t realized how much grey I’d had, or how old it was making me look (and feel). I’ve had numerous colleagues tell me I look ten
years younger.

Makeover by Crystal George Studios

It’s certainly more confidence–inspiring than damp hair when I walk in the office each morning; plus, the look comes together quickly with just a few minutes of the hairdryer and a round brush, usually right after I finish packing the kids’ lunches. Simple!


So here’s to a fabulous makeover (thanks, Emily!), and a newfound confidence for saying “yes” a little more often.

Natural Beauty – Makeup Remover

September 19, 2013

Wearing makeup is a daily ritual for many women. When the time comes to take off your makeup it can seem like a chore that you dread to do, understandable. Are you tired of spending valuable money on a wet piece of cloth to remove your makeup?

Now, there is a way you can make a homemade makeup remover that is gentle on your skin, as well as easy on your bank account, but is still effective at removing all of your makeup. Typically store-bought makeup removers contain certain chemicals that can cause reactions, irritations, breakouts and even dry out your skin.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

A quality makeup remover is essential to our everyday lives. Without it all of our towels would have face prints stained into them, or we would wake up with raccoon eyes, clogged pores and even premature signs of aging. At the end of the day our skin needs to breathe.

Simply using either olive oil or coconut oil will effectively remove your makeup. The reason oils are so great at removing makeup is because they break down the makeup making it easy to wash off and remove completely. Extra-virgin olive oil, specifically, is a perfect eye makeup remover, as eye-makeup can be the hardest to remove. Also, it is gentle and hydrating. It will even break down stubborn waterproof makeup. You can use these oils on your whole face, including your eyes.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Simply take the oil, apply it to your skin and leave it on for a two minutes to allow it to break down your makeup. You can either wipe it off gently or rinse it off with warm water.

Let’s take these natural items and make this a part of our daily beauty regimen for clean, soft skin that will allow you to rest peacefully on your pillow at night.


Hi! It’s Jennifer here. I just wanted to vouch for what Michelle is saying. Although I haven’t started using solely coconut oil, I do use it at night to remove my makeup and hydrate my face before bed. I do use a more traditional makeup remover in the shower, but I have been happy with my nighttime results with the coconut oil. Enjoy testing it out! 

Bliss & Makeup – Donna

August 12, 2013

Many of us are phasing out our summer lights and cool tones and are ready for a warmer, heartier change in our looks. In our fall issue, we featured the Bliss & Makeup makeover of Donna, and you can read all about her makeover here.

To be considered for our next makeover, just click here to nominate yourself (or a woman that you think deserves it!). Special thanks goes out to Crystal of Crystal George Studios and Emily of Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon for treating Donna to a fun day of beauty with lovely photos to document her day.

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Makeover Bodyworks Day Spa Salon Crystal George Studios

Would YOU like to be considered for our next makeover? Do you know of a deserving woman who would love to be treated to a makeover? Just click here to fill out our online form to do so!