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Finger Puppet Fun Clutch Magazine VA

Teaching children to read others’ emotions is a skill that can start at any age. The extremely creative and Caldecott winning children’s book, Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle, uses interactive flaps to showcase the emotions of each character.

Follow the gorgeous illustrations that highlight the dance between the flamingo and her two-legged friend. Use every opportunity to talk about the displayed body language of hurt feelings, a helpful hand, and simple delight. This tranquil book teaches a great lesson about friendship and compassion…all without any words!

Finger Puppet Fun Clutch Magazine

Flamingo Finger Puppet:

Create your own finger puppet to mimic the flamingo’s dance!  Feel free to create a puppet to look like you or any creature you would like.

  1. Find paper that can be cut up to make your puppet. The colors and creature are up to you.
  2. Draw your flamingo/creature of your choice on the paper.
  3. Cut out the shape and then cut holes big enough for your fingers to fit in.
  4. Add feathers, glitter, sequins or anything you would like to make your finger puppet come to life!
  5. Add your fingers (aka the puppet’s legs) and let your creature dance.

Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.

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