October 1, 2012

Hi! I’m Jennifer, the not-so-behind the scenes gal from clutch. I am really excited (and admittedly, a little apprehensive) about our first Onetober: one month, one dress, one cause. Yes, I know it may seem a little bit (or a lot-a-bit!) crazy to commit to wearing the same dress for an entire month, but I would like to explain a little more about it.

Why Onetober?

  • To generate awareness for the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center. No, we are not collecting funds … it truly is just to generate awareness after people see us in the same dress time after time. Will awareness be generated? Honestly, I feel that it already has been … it’s been in both our Aug/Sept and Oct/Nov issues and all over Facebook, so things have already been buzzing.
  • As a personal introspective for the ladies who participate. Imagine being free from deciding what to wear every day coupled with trying to make one outfit work creatively for 31 days. It will be an interesting journey!

What are the rules? Onetober is what you make of it. Basically wear your dress whenever you would have to choose an actual outfit to wear out somewhere. Here are great examples of when to wear your dress:

  • Shopping
  • Meetings
  • Work
  • School
  • Errands
  • Church
  • Meals out

Here are some examples of when NOT to wear your dress:

  • Exercising
  • Sleeping
  • Cleaning
  • Swimming

All of that to say that YOU get to make the rules, and Onetober is what you make of it. If you can just commit to wearing the dress all 4 Sundays to church or brunch, then so be it! If you wear a uniform to work or have a job that is not conducive to wearing a dress, then just wear it when you can … we will not judge! We are just thankful that you are participating (if you so choose). So, be ready for my full documentation of what the Onetober experience is for me (Jennifer), and I am looking forward to sharing my story and that of other participants in our December/January issue.


4 thoughts on “It’s ONETOBER!!

  1. Vicki Warner

    Jennifer, I don’t own a dress that fits me (I have 2), so I have decided to wear a black sweater and skirt with different tops for Sunday and Wed. night wear. We have one special occasion that I might need to find something fancier for a sweater or top, but will wear the same skirt. I will pray there will be people drawn to the pregnancy center’s ministry because of this event 🙂

    1. Jennifer (author)

      Thank you, Vicki … a skirt and top will definitely work! 🙂

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